Blog Post created by virgomama on Oct 7, 2018

I'm feeling really good about this first week.  I had a serious test the 2nd day in where I called for help.  This community answered and I got through it.  The rest of the craves were easy sailing after that.

When I'm in situations where I used to smoke I find if I say "I don't do that anymore, what should I do instead?".  It really helps to reset my brain and find something else to do.  Which is usually deep breathing or walking.  Cinnamon sticks are my new bestie.  I like rolling little pieces in my mouth.  It seems to satisfy that doing something with my mouth habit and I get a little burst of cinnamon.


I was really excited when I could smell the fresh scents that came after a rainstorm a couple of days ago.  It was so intensely stimulating.  That alone was a win situation to quit.  So I've already experienced one of my reasons to quit.  My lungs feel clearer and I'm breathing deeper.  My triggers are lessening.

Loving being a non-smoker.  Onto another week of N.O.P.E.