Blog Post created by virgomama on Oct 1, 2018

Today went better than I expected.  The patch did as I hoped and kept the edge off cravings.  I felt a little surreal all day.  My brain didn't engage too well.  But deep triggers didn't hit until I got off work.  And Oh My!  They haven't really stopped.  So out with the quit kit.  Came home and immediately took the dogs for a long walk.  Instead of sitting in my fav chair outside I sat over by our greenhouse away from where I always took my after work smoke and relaxed.  I really had a hard time processing and keeping a conversation going with my family, so I quit trying. 

After a good dinner I felt a lot better, but the cravings are back. 

My mind is working on wanting that smoke.  So I don't do that anymore what can I do?  Out comes my copper balls to roll around in my hand.  Not giving in...N.O.P.E.  N.O.P.E... N.O.P.E.    

a little worried about getting a good night's sleep so I'm using some herbal sleep aids tonight.  Having a hard time tonight, but I'm not giving in.  Lots of breathing, lots of water.  yep.  Sure do need that quit kit tonight. 

Do your homework new quitters, get your quit kit ready, cause you sure are going to need it. Even if you're using a NRT.

N.O.P.E.   N.O.P.E.    N.O.P.E.     N.O.P.E.     N.O.P.E.         N.O.P.E.!!!!!!!!!

one DOF coming up.

Ah good, by the time I finished this blog the crave was gone.   big big SIGH!!!