Here I Go Again

Blog Post created by tyndallgw on Aug 19, 2020

Hi, I'm George and I'm on day 2 without smoking.  This is my second time through this adventure.  In particular, I had smoked 3 packs a day for about 25 years when I first decided to quit in 2006.  I was successful with the help of God going cold turkey.  Unfortunately, however, I didn't realize how easily one can relapse.  I had been cig free for about 2-3 years when I foolishly / naively had a cigar on a business trip.  It is now 12 years later smoking 3-4 (large/strong) cigars a day and I'm having to go through this all over.  The only positive, and the thing that helps me through some of the tough patches, is that I can still remember the feeling of freedom that  comes from being nicotine free.