Quitting For Good

Blog Post created by tweetielvr69 on Mar 28, 2019

So, tomorrow is my day that I will embark, again, on this journey to quit smoking! I'm really ready for this, as I'm concerned about my health and the risks I'm taking! I see my Dr a week from tomorrow and I'm excited to be able to tell him that I'm smoke-free!  


I've experienced stress recently, which has made it hard to put those cigarettes down, but with the help of family and friends, plus all of you on here, I know that I can achieve this goal! I'm so happy to finally be done with this incessant habit, and I've set up several "projects" to keep my mind off of it! 


I'm also keeping a journal and working on writing in it daily! I have facts about smoking and the problems and health risks it has on one's body, as well as a lot of the chemicals listed, Bible verses to encourage me, and a handy "stress guide" handbook from my daughter that she received from school! I'm so ready and excited to be smoke-free for the rest of my life!!