An Acronym To Share

Blog Post created by tweasel on Mar 15, 2019

I did not author this, I first was given it eighteen years ago from my DBT coach.  The word RAIN is easier for me

to remember the concept and when I do this, as many of you have posted the same process with variations in wording,

my emotions become more a part of me and okay rather than to be feared. Still practicing. Kathy   Hugs  



R   Recognize what is happening – Notice the emotion/thought/feeling in the present,
it can help to name it e.g. “I am feeling _____”


A   Allow life to be just as it is – Allow doesn’t mean we have to like what is happening
but we are open to softening the resistance to what is happening


I   Investigate inner experience – Asking questions like “ what happened to lead to this”
“what do I really need in this moment?”


N   Non-Identification – Realization that your being is not fused to your emotion or thoughts-
you are just there in the middle While you do this:

Use a non-judgmental approach to yourself and your thoughts/experiences.