Quit Buddy.

Blog Post created by tricia2 on Jul 12, 2008

Day 2 was a mixed bag of emotions. My quit buddy and I hung out together. She came over around 9 am. She seemed a little on edge. Mornings are, so far, not to much of a problem for me. I figure, she's having a rough time of it. This is the time to encourage and support her. We get in the car and head for "Broadway at the Beach" to shop the shops and do a little lunch.


O my God!!!!!!! If this woman doesn't just shut up about how much she wants a cigarette and how much she needs a cigarette and how rotten she feels and how deprived she is I am going to have to use the ejector seat!!!! (Damn, I wish I had one) I'm doing my best to remind her of why she quit and all the things she will be able to do when she can breath better!ada, yada. Anyway, after a few hours of this, my own demons are waking up!.




(My husband has a saying, "This is going to go bad and you only have yourself to blame" This involves a picture of a cat and an eagle. )




I am proud of myself! in a way. I did do my very best to be the Kind and Gentle supportive friend…till about 2:30 when I simple could not take that whinning any more!


In the middle of this tourist complex where everyone is happy and excited, I take my friend by the hand sit her on a bench looking over a beautiful fountain. Little children are laughing and playing, the sun is shinning, birds are singing, little puffy clouds gently float by.


I hold both of her hands look her deep in the eyes and tell her to shut the &%#@!$^ up! I told her that if she wanted to dwell on the negative aspects constantly that was her choice. I wasn't. That our attitude was everything. That right there was a tobacco store and as an extra bonus Starbucks is right next door.! So if you really think that smoking made your life sooooo much better, go for it! I'm not feeding into your negativity! Pick, Now!!


At first I thought she was going to cry. (I'm feeling like a real creep) Then she smiled and started to laugh,( a little on the hysterical side) She said" Damn, hate it when your right" " yea, me too!.ah, Coach is having a 40% off sale at Tanger outlet" "yea?..what are we waiting for?"


So a friendship saved. I think I helped her. It's tough to know what a person needs to get through. I know I helped myself. I was feeling all the stuff she was verbally saying. I feel like I looked my own demon in the eye and told it to shut the #$^& up. So I take comfort in the conquest today. Knowing there will be another battle tomorrow.




And I didn't smoke at all.