ive lost my best friend called cig

Blog Post created by travelCT70 on Oct 25, 2018

I feel like I have lost my best friend called cig.  My car was in the shop and while the dealership had it they had to drive it for a certain amount of time to show the extended warranty people that it was consuming large amounts of oil and needed a new engine.  When the extended warranty people wouldn't fix it - had to buy a new car.  When I was cleaning out my old car, I found two cans of antibacterial/odor reducing spray in my front seat.  The mechanic had sprayed it in my vents because my car smelled of cigarette stink so bad.  So embarrassing - I swore that my new car would not smell like that again.  So no smoking by anyone in my new car. 



I really do feel like I have lost my best friend since I have stopped smoking.  My real (human) best friend doesn't know I quit and that is one of our connections.  I don't think it will stop our friendship but its gonna be hard to be around her for awhile.