still alive and kicking

Blog Post created by tonyc6066 on Feb 8, 2020

hi all so sorry I have not checked in but i have been doing life style changes yes i am still smoke free i no longer count the days but its like 8 or 9 months don't even think about it any more but the best news is i am now off the diabetes med as my a1c has stayed in the safe zone for the last 3 months it has been the weight loss that has done it as i have lost 15 lbs and still going and the best part i can now have my jelly donut back in my diet not all the time but I do squeak in 2 per month and the doc says it seems not to affect me i do work out now so i think that helps and i watch what i eat to compensate for my snacks i wish and hope every one is well and thank you guys for all the support you all have given me in the past as it helps to vent and just talk about things have a great weekend