still alive and kicking!

Blog Post created by tonyc6066 on Sep 7, 2019

hi all sorry for not checking in sooner so lets see 157 days smoke free 3153 cigs not smoked and 1261 in cash saved to be honest i hardly even think of smoking those bad boys ever again so if there is a no mans land it by passed me i am just so focused on reversing my diabetes and smoking would hinder that in a big way so i have lost 12 lbs and change my eating habits so my last blood work was better but still needs improvement and i am so dam mad at myself for ever getting myself into this position but i did it to myself so now i need to correct it and i will you know its funny i miss my weekend jelly donut ritual more than having a cig lol thanks for letting me vent and as always if can help anyone else with tips or just a shoulder to lean on let me know i hope you all have a good weekend and find peace and remember you cant quit for anyone but yourself