still going strong

Blog Post created by tonyc6066 on Jul 27, 2019

hi all sorry for not writing sooner but have been real busy since I got back from vaca well lets see I have been off the nicoderm patch for weeks now and doing just fine $925 saved 2313 cigs not smoked and 115 days 16 hrs smoke free

I did get some bad news from my doctor I have type 2 diabetes I was always border line but quitting smoking pushed me over the edge with eating every thing in site my own dam fault when I first quit cigs I said to myself screw that if I cant smoke I will eat anything I want (aka) jelly donuts on the week ends so wrong on my part so at this point I cant even think about cigs as they would just add to my problem I am now focused on losing weight my doctor said I can reverse my condition with weight loss I also go for a colonoscopy on Monday morn so I guess I will be having fun all day Sunday and lets hope my doctor has good depth perception on Monday lol but serious though I hope all is well and all are doing great with there quit and once again if i can help anyone let me know