i think i past no mans land!

Blog Post created by tonyc6066 on Jun 15, 2019

hi everyone just thought i check in well i have one week left to go on step 3 nicoderm patch and all is well its now been 73 days 14 hrs smoke free and 1471 cancer sticks not smoked urges are hardly a problem for me so i have decided to by pass no mans land lol once i get off the patch all together i will have to start addressing my weight does anyone know of a all night buffet where i can live just kidding my doc is happy i quit so he is not concern with my weight yet as i have gained about 8 pounds i told my wife i will fight to the death to keep my jelly donuts for the weekend that's my treat to stay sane but really this journey has been easy for me i know its not like that for everyone so if i can help anyone with there quit drop me a line smoking is no longer a option for me as i am at that age where it can realy start to mess with my health have a good weekend guys and gals