Harmless cigarette review ... 2 months smoke-free so far ...

Blog Post created by tommy88 on Jan 9, 2018

First off, I want to say --- there are many ways to quit and many products to choose from for quitting.... I've done a lot of research before dropping my hard earned money on this and thankfully it's paying off.. But if you want this product or any product to work for you I suggest continuing reading....  Just a brief background, I joined back when I started quitting, I really needed to quit and many people that used these harmless cigarettes have recommended it to me....  Long story short... I was always a big smoker, pretty much would smoke a pack a day or more. Then I quit smoking for 10+ years and told myself that there's nothing in this world that will ever make me want to smoke again... I was wrong... : / After a HUGE tragedy, unfortunately I went back to the only thing I could find to help me deal with it....... The good ole 'cancer stick'... I enjoy (or should I say, enjoyed) sitting and having a smoke.... I was frustrated with myself for starting again, and I NEEDED to quit badly for severe health reasons, and my overall well being..... Let me say that I have tried quitting with straws, pens and sprays but they did nothing for me..  Actually, when I quit cold turkey I was successful for a period of a few months and even had some stretches over the past 2.5 years.. That is how I quit the first time... I just did not have it in me to do it again this time, and needed something to help me. My main health objective was to remove nicotine from my system completely ... so when I found out about this natural smokeless cigarette it turned out to be a true hidden treasure which I desperately needed... So I started off with the quit kit set, and began using them together with nicodrm patches the day I got my set on Nov. 1, 2017.. Sure enough 2-3 days later I was starting to feel like it was all a waste. But I continued using it for another 2 1/2 weeks, and thats when everything changed and finally felt like it was coming into good use. The trick is to basically just stick to it until it kicks in and starts to help. The reason some people say it isnt working for them is because they stopped using it to soon. The guide it comes with says clearly to continue using it at least for 2 to three weeks for it to start working and become effective. The reason for is because your brain and body is still so used to smoking (especially is your a heavy long time smoker) and it does not want to accept the change. But as long as you continue to be persistent and commit to using these harmless cigs you'll start to see pretty quickly that do actually work and help. It's not been 2 months and I feel better than ever, I actually dont even use the patch anymore, I only needed the patch for the first month. But these harmless cigarettes do and did help me tremendously to reduce my cravings... + Hello!!! They are NATURAL too!! The bottom line is that you need to have some patience, you need to break through the barrier of the trash smoke and use this until you knock the smoking mindset out of your brain. Ever since using harmless cigarette I now truly believe I will never smoke again and I know I wont. Another amazing thing about it is that you can use them forever and it helps stops from ever going back to smoking. That's the real beauty of it! I know this is a long review, but as I have to say that ive been extremely satisfied with it and completely understand where others were coming from, there are many ways to quit, many choices and many opinions. But I felt it was necessary to share my experience and hopfully help others be able to quit naturally... There arent many natural quit options out there and this is by far the best natural quit product that ive ever used... Thank you for taking the time to read my really long review and thanks so much to everyone here for the love and support... it's a blessing to be a part of this community and look forward to reading your stories, comments and feedback! Wishing tons of luck to everyone quitting!! Hang tight!! once you finally stop it only gets easier and you it's the best thing you can do!! G-d Bless!!