I'm a little afraid to quit..?

Blog Post created by tokrissi on Sep 23, 2019

Has anyone else had anxiety/fear about quitting?  I know it will be hard, this is my 2nd time, last was 4 years ago.  However, part of my problem has always been almost a fear of quitting.  I just get so anxious that it makes me want to smoke more.  My heart rate increases and I get a little panicky.    I know from past experience that it will be okay.  But, I have built my relaxation and 'me time' around smoking.  I'm worried I will lose that.  I don't smoke in the house or the car.  I go outside to smoke and read at home.  I go outside to smoke and read/relax on break at work.  I have an irrational fear about losing that.  Does anyone have any tips?  Thanks!