Day 60

Blog Post created by tlajbenn on Sep 16, 2017

I feel strong in my quit. Mild cravings pop up here and there but are easily brushed aside:

- I don't smoke.

- What will smoking do to help me? Nothing!!

- Why would I ever want to start doing that again? Do I really want to go through the first weeks of quitting all over again? Hell NO!! I'm never doing that again.


Today I would like to share an observation:


Two days ago I was stopped at a traffic light. A younger woman was also stopped in the lane next to me. It was one of those long four way lights. I happen to look over at this woman and watched her smoke her cigarette. She held her hand with the cigarette as far out the window as possible. When she went to inhale, she turned her head and leaned out the window as far as she could. As she puffed on that cigarette, her eyes scrunched up trying to keep the smoke out of them. The corners of her mouth were turned down into a frown. She did not look happy at all. After she inhaled that nasty smoke, her hand went immediately out the window as far as it could and she exhaled out the window. I assume she was trying to keep as much of the smoke smell out of the car as she could. Of course, we all know that does not work. If you smoke in the car, the car smells like smoke. I just could not get over her face when she was smoking. How scrunched up and unhappy she was.


All I keep thinking is how miserable she looked. I feel so sad and sorry for her. But then I am reminded why I made the choice to be on this smoke-free journey. And for that, I am grateful.


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