Day 10

Blog Post created by tlajbenn on Jul 27, 2017

Feeling a little blah today. Not sad or depressed, just blah. I'm tired. I am doing through the motions but have no pep. I decided that I needed chocolate therapy! So good! So much better than smoking! Not the healthiest way to get through the day but worth every calorie. 

Dropped down to Step 2 patch on day 8. Surprisingly, less anxious in the morning. Few more cravings during the day but I am able to get through them. That list has come in handy! 101 Things to Do Instead of Smoke is so helpful. 

Going to stay where I am with NRT for a while, until I feel comfortable and the cravings are minimal. Don't know how long that will be and not concerned about a time table. I feel good with my quit and am not going to jeopardize  myself. Just wish I had more energy.