Almost There

Blog Post created by tjbeck1-3-10-14 on Feb 4, 2017

It's been a long time since I have been back to ex. I am 3 days shy of it being a year since I quit.  It's so funny how that demon comes back and keeps trying to influence you into having just that one. I am so much smarter and more in control to say NOPE. Weird how he keeps trying to suck me in.

In my year (yes I am going to say it's a year) journey of not smoking I have come to realize how much of a nasty habit it is. My husband did not quit with me and I found out that the smell truly is disgusting. He would come to bed after having a cigarette and It would turn my stomach. I take a bus to work and there are some people who I know not to sit next to since I can not stand the  smell of them. Sad to know that I smelled just like that a year ago.

My year has brought me great changes. I joined a gym a month after I quit and now I am hooked. I also started running. I was truly proud when I completed my first 5K. Big feat for someone who hated to exercise.  I haven't lost any weight but haven't gained any either. But I am getting healthy. My breathing still is not great but it is getting better. Sad what I did to myself by smoking. I can see a huge difference in my overall health and yes my breathing since starting the gym. I suppose if I lost a little weight that would probably help with my breathing but I have replaced cigarettes with snaking. Will have to work on that this year.

I believe that is part of the reason I am able to say NO to the Demon.

I guess what I am truly trying to say is that I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I QUIT. To all you newbies, it is possible and it does get better. You are able to say NO.