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Blog Post created by tjanddj on Dec 17, 2018

This health journey of mine sure has turned into a totally unexpected adventure. Through the journey of learning to eat healthier, my quit smoking journey, through the death of two of my dearest loves. All the coping skills learned to get through each of these areas of life has me wanting to continue to reach out to those who just feel so lost in life. I am still on a learning adventure that I know will bring me to my big dream. I am excited to begin this next step in my life that I never saw coming my way until these past recent months but I now know will help prepare me for my big dream.

My home is all set up for foster care now. My final home inspection is tomorrow and then soon my life will again be changed forever. I give thanks to my God for walking with me through all my difficult times, through every tear I shed. For being with me during the good times and the bad times. For giving me the courage to keep going forward in life. For being my Living Hope. I give thanks to all the people that have walked with me on the journey. For the encouragement, for the prayers, for the tears you shed with me. Don't ever give up on your journey of doing the hard things in life in order to have a healthier life so you can go forward and do what your purpose in life is truly meant to be. I can guarantee life is not about being addicted to that which causes harm to us. Do the hard things and let's get it done.


Here is an abstract painting I did for my foster kids room. A tangled web of the unknown. Standing in Hope.

May you find peace in your own journey