Got my comma and joined the Quad Squad today!

Blog Post created by tjanddj on Nov 8, 2017

How beautiful is that! and what a journey it has been these last 1,000 included the good, the bad and the ugly and how wonderful it has been to be smoke free through out it. What freedom it has been to be free of such a horrific addiction. 

I have now moved back to the busy noisy city into an apartment. Apartment living will take some getting used to. My son is now living with me so I can keep an eye on him. So thankful that his ex let him live with her until I was able to get moved over here. His last MRI showed the tumor has grown slightly. His doctors didn't seem to be to concerned about it. His short term memory is still not so good. All in all things for him have been stable for the past few months. As for me I am still healthy and out seeking for new things to do. Have a mini gym here at the apartment complex so started doing some of my workouts there. Just trying to figure out my new life over here one step at a time. 

My love to you all,