Hello and Thank you

Blog Post created by tjanddj on Mar 28, 2017

Hello to all you newcomers. Welcome! Sorry I have not been here to greet and meet you on this wonderful quit journey you have chosen to take.

Thank you for those of you who have sent your prayers and thoughts. They are so deeply appreciated.

I continue on my health journey of being an Ex-smoker and eating high nutritional foods despite going through this difficult time of my life. I am so grateful that smoking is no longer a hindrance to my life. Smoking had prevented me from being “me”. I am still learning about “me” and I will continue to enjoy doing so. Now for the part I am not enjoying – My son, Matthew, unfortunately continues on his journey with his brain cancer. He now is dealing with a lot of memory loss now. He has begun another round of chemo treatment so will see how that goes. We all still are hopeful and trying to keep the laughter going. I have been busy myself downsizing. Time to get things sold and be ready to move closer to him if ever I need to so I am not having to do all this long distance driving all the time. It has been emotional draining dealing with Matthew and parting with things that belong to both Dennis and I but I will do what I need to do to keep going forward with my life. I will do this all smoke-free because that is my life now and it is a beautiful thing. Suffering and early death is not for me. I watched my husband do that - just not something I want for myself.


Save a Life - Let it be Yours 

Be smoke-free