Practice time

Blog Post created by tjanddj on Jan 25, 2017

Just recently went through a format change on my nutritional site and now get to learn a new one here. I love change I love learning and I love the occasional needed distractions. Sorry to read about others not liking to learn new formats. It all falls in place in time.  Gosh we quit smoking certainly we can take the time to learn something new even if it is one step at a time.

My son had a seizure this morning so spent the day in the hospital with him. He is ok and able to go home this evening. His Last MRI done had mixed results on it some areas the tumor has decreased in size and one area had a little increase in size but basically tumor is stable. They did a CT scan today and no change noted so that was good to hear. His tissue test showed that no further chemo treatment will be of benefit to him. They do have a magnetic device called a novottf that he can try if he wants. He doesn't know yet if he wants to do it or not it is a hassle to use it. No studies had been on his type of cancer for this but the doctor thought it would be worth a try. Then there is the probable of insurance coverage. So we will see.

Still enjoying all the freedoms of being smoke free. It's a beautiful thing.


Hugs and Love