Somehow I have my license?

Blog Post created by tibbetsethan on Oct 4, 2020

Well, I will say that things have calmed down for a few days, at least over the weekend a little. I was really tired and I think so was my family. We've stayed wound up like chatter teeth constantly so a few days of rest really helps. I am dreading tomorrow, pretty anxious about it because I know that's when the week starts and things get crazy. 


I was able to get my application in for dental insurance on Friday late and am hoping to get that call so I can push that through. I also am hoping to get a call from the HDSA in Houston, although I am incredibly nervous. I luckily was able to get my ID and Driver's License renewed on I think it was Friday? I'm doing well, I have had some time to play my video game I got on Thursday. So it has been a nice weekend overall. Also I still have not smoked and am on day 10  4 more days and I'll have 2 weeks!


I actually have a funny story that you guys aren't going to believe but in light of all the bad stuff that has been going on on my blog I kind of want to give you guys a laugh.


Alright, so when I was 15 I took Driver's Ed like a lot of the kids my age were doing so we could get our permits. I passed both portions but ended up getting a ticket, long story lol. I got pulled over while we were doing our driving portion because I didn't dim my headlights when meeting a patrol officer... Not sure how I was supposed to know in fog that it was a police officer but I should have dimmed them anyways. It makes for a great story to tell relatives at Christmas though haha.


I do not by any means claim to be a good driver AT ALL, actually I probably stay in the ditch more than I stay on the road, I mean I am a REALLY horrible driver (I hope no one from the DMV or DPS is on this site, I'm just saying) and I haven't even driven in 9 years because I thought all I had was an expired permit. Well... fast-forward

two days ago, I was renewing my State ID because I desperately needed it before Houston, and lo-and-behold I get finished and they say that I have a full Class C license. I was like Uh..... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't even... know how to drive... and they were like what? I was like NEVERMIND lol. Just kinda kept my mouth shut until I got out of there and then I got in the car and looked at my grandma and was like... so you are never going to believe this.


I handed her the temporary and all that and shes like OH NO NO NO NOPE NOPE YOU CANNOT HAVE A LICENSE BY ANY MEANS lol. I was like, buh I have one? And she's like, keys are going in our rooms. Lol. Apparently she doesn't trust me not to take the cars now but, yeah I was like I HAVEN'T EVEN DRIVEN IN 9  YEARS IDK HOW TO EVEN PUT IT IN DRIVE. How am I supposed to know how to drive?


Lol. So anyways, my grandparents are deeply mortified and I am still taken aback how I have a driver's license and I never took the driver's test, yet my permit seems to have converted to a full license at 21  It is the scariest, funniest, weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my life but yeah, apparently I've had a license for 6 years and never had a car or driven. 


I mean hey, at least maybe I'll get good insurance. Grandpa said that they probably think I've been driving around all this time without an accident lol. My grandpa said he might take me out to the country roads and teach me there but my grandma is too chicken.. yes that is how bad of a driver I am lol. 


Anyways, I thought you guys could use a laugh and I started laughing while writing this. My grandparents said "no wonder there is so many idiot drivers in Texas" lol. Gotta love Grandparents.


I hope you guys are doing great and I hope this made you smile.

Stay safe, stay quit. I believe in you!