Day 2

Blog Post created by themrsbeardsley on May 1, 2018

I probably "smoked" my electronic cigarette about 100 times yesterday. And half of those were during my breaks at work. It sounds like A lot but it is only about a quarter of what I would have smoked of actual cigarettes. So I'm calling day one a success. 


I have quit before for a month using a medication. Then something upset me badly & I went right back to it. This time I'm trying to quit on my own & I'm just nervous about relapse I guess. 


Right now, my biggest struggle is break time. How do I switch my brain to not want breaks at work? This is what I have been thinking on & have no answer. I have always taken breaks in my car so I could smoke. Now I'm in my car & "smoking " my electronic cigarette out of habit, not an actual craving. And now I feel hopeless and defeated.