Day 2 In the Books

Blog Post created by tevans0919 on Sep 12, 2019

Hi everyone!


Day 2 is in the books!  Thank you for all your help.  I'm a writer and artist and have been working on my own creative writing and bookmaking as a replacement for smoking.  Also, have been keeping a crystal rock in my pocket, fills that space a lighter used to fill.  I rub that crystal for strength when I have a craving.  It's tumbled, smooth, and has a kaliedoscope design to it.  Other replacements: been meditating, using the patch, reading more, eating three meals a day, and I'm job hunting.  Been burning a bunch of incense too.  No bad energy where I'm at.  A lot to keep me occupied.  Yes, I've felt irritated.  Yes, I've had to itch my skin.  I've been anxious, but other than the itchy skin, nothing is necessary out of the ordinary, other than I'm more productive, healthier, and more alive since I haven't been smoking!  Yay!  So excited.  I understand things may get tougher, but I feel prepared to handle them.  Plus, this time around I'll have this community at my back when things do get tougher.  Makes a big difference.


Thanks again everyone and keep going strong!