My re-quit is my last Quit!

Blog Post created by terri54 on Feb 23, 2017

Today I found an e-mail from this site so I decided that I wanted to come back to my favorite site. I wasn't here for a while as I found my life terribly busy. I also started to smoke again after a few years of not smoking. A couple of months ago I got a bad sinus infection and quit because it tasted terrible to smoke. I have continued that quit. Over the years since I quit, I would start again and quit and start again and quit. When I saw this e-mail from ex., I knew this site would help me to stay on my smoke-free path. My advice, Once you have just that 1, you will have another one and another one so don't have one and you won't be on my path. I asked in the expert area how to change my quit date and haven't got an answer yet so if you have the answer then I would appreciate some help!