30 Days (not in a hole, lol)

Blog Post created by tedrhew on Dec 19, 2019

Sorry for the Humble Pie (70's Rock group) Title to the Blog, lol, But Today is my 30th day smoke free! 

This website and all of it's members have made this easier to accomplish than even before. I've learned so much from here and I try as often as possible to guide others here that even hint that they want to quit because of the Authentic Help, Truth, and Wisdom that lie within these pages! 

I've been a smoker since my early teenage years and in my early 20's is when I went basically to a pack a day, at the least. I've tried and tried to quit many times over but there comes a time where you just have to get real with it and this year has been the year. This is my second stab at it this year and it seems better and easier than my attempt from earlier this year. Normally when I slipped up I'd wait another year before I try again... but this year has been different and I had/have to attack it differently than before. And this website has been a Major Key! I've read more than before here - how to change focus, 100 things to do other than smoke, ...
I Love You All and I thank You All! Truly!

My start was with Chantix as well and the Smoke Free app as another help.  So here I am @ 54 and It feels so good to be able to breath again without wheezing and wiping tarry mucus from my nose. Food tastes and smells so much better. I feels good to walk past smokers and not indulge, but at the same time it also makes me realize how bad they really smell! Man O' Man I didn't truly realize how bad cigarette smoke smells! WoW!! 
Anyway this is my update and I thank you all again!