Buying Phillip Morris

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Sep 10, 2020

Hi Everyone....((((( I’m Back )))))) I have been away traveling and settling back in my condo in Florida with my hubs and Peanut.   Since he works out of the house with covid times, we decided it was time to make a change of scenery.  The ragweed in PA leads to so many of my asthma problems, so I can’t imagine not being here in September, so much better than the Emergency Room...


Every time we drive here, we always pass Phillip Morris corporation and the big Marlboro tower...this trip I said to hubs, “ I bought an office in that building and so did many on my quit site...”...My message to all: Stop making their working conditions any better by buying them more things and make your life better by Quitting smoking...I am so proud to be 647 Days Free ... Thank you to Ex’s for helping me get to this point...


I can’t go backwards on catching up on posts so wishing all a Happy Celebration Free, a Welcome to Ex’s, etc., and all I have missed the past several days...I will start from today and go forward...Happy Thursday...!


Love and hugs Colleen aka Sweetp