Just when I thought I had it down...

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Aug 19, 2020

So Life Gets in the way and Smoking won’t help any situation.  You think it will,  but it doesn’t.  Finally I am dealing with Life without the smokes. 


Last week, I had one of those weeks...I was notified that my very dear friend, Brenda passed away.  I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t.  I am comforted by the fact that I know this dear lady is in heaven with her son who passed 7 years ago and she is now without pain.  I am here to say, it was a rough week.


Then, I have been dealing with teeth problems since February and all through COVID, abscess, infection, two root canals, crowns, and yes this past Friday one tooth broke.  I am here to say, it was a rough week.


Next, my mom and dad’s nursing home had one of their workers come back from another state, but didn’t quarantine or tell anyone she went away and came back and gave COVID to two patients.  It will be another month before we can see my folks without glass in front of us.  I am here to say, it was a rough week.


Lastly, I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia so I needed to have my broken tooth fixed which I did yesterday and now my face is swollen and my eye closed,  I am here to say, it was a rough week last week and a bit this week.


The Moral of this story, not one of these situations would smoking have helped.  Smoking couldn’t bring Brenda back to me and her husband.  Smoking wouldn’t take away my abscess, infection, pain from root canals, etc.,  Smoking wouldn’t stop that irresponsible worker at my mom’s facility from bringing COVID to two elderly people.  Smoking wouldn’t have fixed my broken tooth.  Smoking wouldn’t help my anxiety that came with seeing my Dentist Monday and Tuesday.  Facing Life on her terms is what helped.


We all got stuff, trust me...but know Smoking Doesn’t Help Anything...Take a step ... Quit for one day and let the next one take care of itself.


Happy Hump Day....in honor of our dearMarilyn.H.July.14.14. Blog  Marilyn...miss ya sweet lady, hoping you and Mark are having fun....oops missing George the camel...LOL


Love and hugs to all at Ex’s Colleen 625 DOF ~