Thank you Ex’s

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Feb 20, 2020

Thank you to each and everyone  who responded to my post and/or sent me a private message.  I usually don’t share too much private stuff, but I had to yesterday and I am so fortunate to get so many wonderful responses.  No one is right or wrong in this situation, (not me or my sister) it is her addiction and mental illness...I just can no longer physically and/or emotionally help my sister until she truly wants the help.  Right now she is angry and name calling, etc., so time needs to happen for us both.  Today, I feel like a Mack truck hit me.  I am a kitten licking his wounds, I am working through it and my hubs is helping along with all you incredible people.  I pray always for my sister and if I knew I could change things for her I would do it in a heartbeat.  It is time for me to “let go and let God”...and accept the outcome.  

I will not smoke over this and/or any life stressors because it would not change anything.  


Love and prayers out to all of you...for sharing and helping...~ Colleen aka sweetp