Had to do turn away a sister

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Feb 19, 2020

I can’t go into every detail because it would be 63 years of my sister’s existence.  She has been a problem all that time.  I have stressed for a few nights because she wants to live with me when I get back in PA, but I cannot allow it.  My sister has a gambling problem for 6 years and she has been on disability for many years along with working for the state.  She doesn’t get a ton of money, but what she gets she spends on gambling.  She lost a condo she had paid for with no bills, but electric, etc., My husband and I are the only ones in the family who stay in contact with her and have helped numerous times.  She has two grown daughters.  Every time she gets a roof over her head, it is a few months and she is back on the street.  Just like quitting smoking, you can’t help a person who doesn’t want to get help.  It is a viscous cycle and I cannot keep putting my husband through this when he has had such a heart with her, but no longer trusts her lies.  The worst part is she tell us she isn’t gambling.  I had to tell her the truth this morning, and now the unending guilt is coming my way.  She is coming at me with her manipulation...She doesn’t know I wished me dead rather then having to come to this point that I can’t continue to help her.   I am so sad, hurt and have an awful migraine.  I had to “let it out” so Thank you for listening ... if there is one sunny thing in all this mess, smoking was never an option.  

My heart is breaking...Love and hugs to all Colleen aka sweetp