You have to get to this point...

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Feb 13, 2020

That smoking changes nothing.  Clear and simple...


I have watched so many the last couple of months that have relapsed and with all of them, the one common denominator is stress in their lives.  I am here to say, I have stress too...My father has Alzheimer’s, my mom is depressed and complains all the time, my one sister doesn’t bother with the family therefore holiday’s are no longer the same and with family, my lungs have faltered often in the last year, my brain aneurysm’s are watched (one is repaired, but one is watched for growth), there has been death and sickness, but you know what in each case they would have come along whether I smoked or not...It is the most important factor  I have learned in this journey.  I hand it over to God, “let it go” and that is not easy, I want to think I control everything, but I give it up and I get stronger and Nico gets weaker.


 Take the plunge.  No Matter what happens, smoking will not change it...I change it by how I deal with “Life on her terms”.  


Love and Hugs Colleen aka sweetp 437 DOF