I had a smoking thought

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Jan 5, 2020

A very dear friend on Thursday had to fly out to Florida.  Her 81 year old mom was walking and hit by someone who backed up with out looking in his rear view mirror.  Her mom is in ICU in a coma and fractures all over her body.  Her mom was giving last rites on Friday morning. Her dad is unconsolable.  My friend, dad and her brother and sister are there keeping vigil.  I feel my dear friend is in shock right now and having to be strong for her dad.  When I was contacted my first thought was to get on my knees and pray...my second thought was smoking a cigarette.  It was a powerful pull and then my prayers overtook me and I said to myself, “ I don’t do that anymore”... It was amazing how overwhelming that urge came to me...so Keep vigilant...Nico is sneaky and likes to pop up when we are down and our heart aches for another.   I am truly glad I don’t smoke anymore...but I know I am work in progress the rest of my Life...I am sending a basket of goodies to the family so they have some snacks in ICU...a much better place to spend money then on those cigarettes.  Perhaps the lesson, hug those we love a little closer each day...(((Hugs out to all my incredible Ex’s) ...There is no reason to smoke, only excuses...~ Love to you all....Colleen 398 DOF