Make quitting a lifelong resolution

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Dec 28, 2019

Hi to Everyone at Ex’s...


There are many New Year’s Resolutions, but quitting smoking can save one’s life.  If you make quitting your resolution, be sure to read at My EX Plan | BecomeAnEX and prepare for that day like no other.  Also, come here for support and to encourage others on this journey.  Keep it positive and become knowledgeable.  You can do this...

Make sure you keep busy with this great list 100 Things to do instead of smoking!   


You can come here daily to pay it forward and to pledge not to smoke for today. The Daily Pledge December 2019  


Anything Worth having takes hard work...and a great group like the Ex’s...


Happy New Years’ to All...Neil and Colleen 390 DOF