Helping other’s is Rewarding

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Nov 12, 2019

Hi to all at Ex’s...


As I am coming up  on my 1 year quit, I have been reflecting on my time here at Ex’s.  I have found that we are a supportive site and try not to show judgement.  Our opinions are not judgement.  Many come here that are smoking, vaping, ecig, etc., and we help them to quit ... it isn’t a requirement of this site, but we hope in time and by example everyone will quit.  Also, I found the more I encouraged others to quit smoking, I was rewarded with the blessing of becoming stronger in my own quit.  The more you reach out to other’s the more they reach in...be sure to take the time to reach out no matter how long you are quit...we have daily celebrations, you can go congratulate, we have people joining daily, you can welcome, we have informative blogs, that you can partake in the discussion, we have games to play, etc., 


I have nothing earth shaking to say, but I hope to encourage others to help each other on this journey ... it takes a group to raise a quitter... and as our Caravan Master Old Bones Larry says, “one foot in front of the other”...


Happy Tuesday Everyone make it smoke free ~ Colleen 344 DOF aka sweetp