Hi From Florida ~ soon 9 months Free

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Aug 28, 2019

Hi to Everyone at Ex’s...


We are enjoying our time in our condo in Florida.  It has been very relaxing.  There have been no smokers at the pool to date, however, my neighbors (a wonderful couple) have gone back to smoking.  Luckily they are not smoking on the porch and blowing it my way because they are hiding it from their granddaughter who spends a lot of time with them.  Hmm? Remember hiding...ugh not going back to that,  I like my Freedom.  I found it interesting that the wife said she would still be quit, if hubs hadn’t brought home a pack of smokes...a yeah right...anyways...the wife seemed disappointed that I was still quit.  I told her “no lectures from me”...but “I love the freedom of not smoking”...Anyways, we are all going out to dinner tonight to a new Italian restaurant, I am anxious to see if they sneak out...


I must emphasis four things that have truly helped me quit and stay quit...Preparation, Knowledge, and Hard work...Most of all, the support site...not only to get help, but to give others encouragement on this journey.  Even if you don’t have one day quit...it takes nothing to go and encourage another person.  It’s the child in us, growing and finally living and giving back...Enjoy today...and smile...it’s all good if God’s gave you have another day to make the choice not to smoke...~ Colleen 268 DOF