200 DOF and what I learned...

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Jun 21, 2019

200 DOF and What I learned...


1. That I couldn’t have done this without Ex’s

2.  That I am stronger than Nicodemon

3.  In helping other’s it helps me

4. My skin is healthier 

5. A few less migraines

6. I can go longer on elliptical and running on treadmill

7.  My lungs feel less heavy

8. I smell better

9.  I drink less alcohol

10. I get more done without stopping for a smoke

11. Food tastes better

12. My hair is healthier

13. My teeth look better 

14. I am having to face life on her terms instead of smoking through it

15. I have more time for crafts

16.  I saved about $600

17. I have more time to pray 

18. I sleep better

19. I have used my Nebulizer very few times since quitting

20. Less anxiety

21. ~ 200 I have more life I want to live


Thank you Ex’s...and you wonderful Elders...Happy Friday and Love And Hugs ~ Colleen 200 DOF