So She is Stinky

Blog Post created by sweetplt on May 16, 2019

Hi Everyone at Ex’s and a Happy Thursday...most of you know I have been at my Florida condo for a few weeks.  Anyways, one of my biggest enjoyments is swimming at the pool.  I love it...not only is the water so healing, but it can be a social time with others.   I am a very social in PA...so when I come to Florida I like a lot of “me” time, but at the pool fun catching up with other ladies... anyways, a new couple moved here permanently.  They come to the pool on weekends and are loud and obnoxious.  It seems when they come to the pool, so many leave.  I try to see good in both of them, but she (wife) is the one who when I told her I quit smoking she makes sure she smokes on top of me.  I have tried ... to be nice, to listen to her go on and on...but the other day she wanted to show me their home...I went in and the entire place smelled so bad, closed up and smoke filled.  I never smoked in my home and I didn’t know anyone who did...I couldn’t smoke in my house because my husband didn’t smoke...I am sure many did smoke in their house so please...I am not judging..( I am not judging, this is just a fact )...anyways, I thought I was going to be sick.  I had to get out of there...oh did I tell you, I thought she had water in her cup at the pool, no it is filled with booze.  Ugh...I am not a prude, but I can see she will make mince meat out of me.  When my husband is in town she goes to him and she flirts all over him.  He told me to stay away from them...here’s the best I thought she was in her early 60’s...she is younger than me 52 years old...but I guess daily smoking and drinking will do that to you...So now I have to go to pool or out to walk at different times to avoid them...how does that happen in Life...? WE are made to suffer because someone has no manners.   Ok...I just had to get off my chest, thanks for listening, because I really tried to see good...

Onward and Upward like Chuck says here at Ex’s...Have a beautiful Thursday ... smoke free of course...Love and hugs ~ Colleen 164 DOF