Don’t Give Up

Blog Post created by sweetplt on May 2, 2019

Hi Ex’s,


I met another goal of mine and that was to make 150 DOF.  Although, I have these little goals, my choice is never to smoke, NOPE.  I am so happy to be quit smoking, but for one who asked me (someone in my 3D world, not on Ex’s) don’t you still crave/trigger, miss it etc., ? I told them first, “ I don’t miss smoking. I don’t miss smelling, I don’t miss hiding my addiction, I don’t miss leaving the fun to smoke, I don’t miss my chest feeling sore, etc.,” Also, I told them “I do have moments out of nowhere that I think about a smoke” and it will be a bit uncomfortable, but I know it will pass and it causes me to be vigilant.  I worked so hard to have this quit, I am not going back to Day 1.   My quit to date was not without issues...I had a lot of personal issues going on with a sister, family, etc., but I would not use them as an excuse to smoke.  I stood up and gave my worries up to God...we are all broken, we are human, but now I choose to take those broken pieces in life and make good out of them.  I am dealing with life on her term’s...and using the serenity prayer.  If anyone tells you ... You can’t quit, trust me You can do it... ~ Love and Hugs to all of You at Ex’s I am humbled by so many of you...Thank you for teaching me everyday, keeps me growing, ~ Colleen