Enough of smokes

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Apr 16, 2019

Smokes all over...That was my day yesterday.  I returned to my condo in Florida on Sunday.  Yesterday I went to the pool, and two ladies came shortly after me, they had a big area to sit, but chose to sit close to me and smoked...then shortly after my HOA president came to sit with me and catch me up on the neighborhood and she lite up...Enough of the smokes...went in the water to get away from all the smoking.  It wasn’t hard, in the fact I had no urge to smoke.  I was scared because I just got over having flu and pleurisy the last two months and no way did I want to smell their smoke.  I left after a couple hours and I saw my neighbor and she was walking her dogs, she stopped to talk and you got it...she was smoking...it was a day of smoking as a quitter...I am so happy I don’t do that anymore...~Happy Tuesday...~ Colleen134 DOF