I am ashamed to say ~

Blog Post created by sweetplt on Feb 27, 2019

... ~ That I tell everyone to see a Doctor when they are sick and for the last month I didn't, haven't, but finally it took a very bad asthma attack the other night to see my pulmonologist.  I am a difficult patient, not only for medical reasons, but allergic to so many medications.  Anyways, after more breathing tests and more breathing treatments I have inflamed bronchial tubes and X-ray saw bad sinus infection.  They put me on an antibiotic (only one I can take, hoping it will work) and my dreaded prednisone.  I am told since moving to PA 4 years ago, I have been at the Pulmonologist every year during this week.  The mold spores in PA, I am highly allergic and all the wet and dampness.  It caused my asthma to act up.  Now keeping it positive that medicines don't make me sick. Anyways, with all that in mind at 86 days of Freedom even sick I feel better than I would if I were smoking.  


Just another benefit of the Quit...I now know from reading so many people's frustrations that the Quit is so much more than just quitting...it is finding yourself along the way of this non smoking world.  I like it...and I pray for all to feel the same way in time...also, I give better advice, then take it...hence I was told I waited way too long to go to Doctor's. LOL with two coughs LOL


My last share, I go back May 20th and hopefully will be healthier and then Doctor will revisit having c/t scan of my lungs.


Off for warm tea and sofa...Have a beautiful smoke free day ~ Colleen