Not Smokin' Over It

Blog Post created by susan.m on Mar 28, 2018

Wow, it's been a while since I've logged in.  I'll fill you all in with some of our goings-on, please fill me in on what's been happening here!


Did I tell you we got a puppy?  Those of you who told me that it's like having another child weren't kidding!  Duke has stolen our hearts and I am convinced that he is the best puppy EVER.  I would have enjoyed taking the dog outside to use the bathroom while I was still smoking. What a perfect smoke break!  I've thought more than once that I could have house trained him in a week while I was still smoking, LOL. I wouldn't give up my quit, but still... the thought occurs to me every now and then.  Not smokin' over it, though.  


Lots going on at our house....



My middle daughter graduates from college in just a few weeks.  Where has the time gone?!  It seems like we dropped her off at her dorm for her freshman year just yesterday.  Her younger sister starts high school this fall, and with that one, it seems like yesterday when my husband I and were shell-shocked to learn that we were expecting her.  Actually, it seems like just yesterday when I stood over each of their cribs marveling at the fact that these amazing children were ours.  Time passes so quickly.  Not smokin' over it, though.


I have accepted a new position with my company and we are moving to Charleston (my hometown!).  It is not lost on me that I am going to finish my accidental career in the city where it started.  Very emotional for me, and for all of us.  This has been my home for 23 years, and my husband's for his entire life.  It is also the only home my children have known.  We have mixed emotions about the move, along with the obligatory higher than normal stress levels.  So much to do!  Not smokin' over it, though.   


In just a few short weeks, we will say goodbye to the Hoosier state and return to my beloved home-state of SC.  And (you guessed it), no matter how emotional, how stressed I become, I'M NOT SMOKIN' OVER IT!


What's new with all of you?