Day 75 - No Man's Land Update

Blog Post created by susan.m on Feb 17, 2017

Hi all....sending an update at the 75 day mark in my travels through No Man's Land.


I seem to have lost my camel; I don't think he transitioned with me to the new site. I have also lost sight of the Caravan Master and have not seen an outpost, camp or caravan update of any kind.  It makes things quiet and a bit lonely. Finally, if anyone gets word that Sarah has started pubishing again, please let me know. Larry and Sarah are missed!  Sarah's weekly publication managed to get to each of us who are trekking our way through the desert, but we haven't seen anything in a long time. Luckily, we are able to view her older publications. 


TerrieQuit and I are hanging in there and take each day as it comes. She's a few days behind me and keeps me on my toes. She tries really hard to catch me but always remains 3 days behind.   There are many ahead of us who shine their lanterns to lead the way, and we are grateful for them!  In turn, Terrie and I shine our lanterns to help insure that no one behind us is lost. We have all worked hard for our quits and protect them every day. 


My quit kit is full. I still have cravings occasionally, and some are so strong that I can almost feel my chest tightening with the urge to smoke. I treat the craving like the annoyance that it is and move on.  I refuse to give cigarettes and my addiction control of my life again.


If you see Sarah or Larry, please send our regards from NML. I'm off to try and find that damn camel.....