63 days and I love O2

Blog Post created by sunshinemarie on Jun 2, 2017

Hello All!

I just want to share a little bit of my status;

I am on day 63 of the umpteenth quit attempt in my life - I feel great!

I've always heard, when you're really ready, you will know! I must admit - I know!

This time hasn't been easy, but in some strange way - it's been easier!

I am getting to know myself for the first time in 28 years - I am 42 and started smoking when I was 14!

To have the addiction hushed while I sort out my thoughts is a new experience for me - I love it!

I had a really hard day 60...from the time I woke up til the time I went to bed, I had to fight it! know what? I won. I beat it. One minute at a time, regardless of how miserable!

Thank you so much for anything anyone has shared - it has often gotten me thru the tough stuff!

That's why I wanted to share - if this gets one person thru one craving - AWESOME!

You can do sucks awful only for a will pass, promise - you will get there!

Stay strong!

Luv you all!