Good Morning!

Blog Post created by stmand92 on Apr 25, 2018

Good Morning All, 

I hope you are all well and staying committed. I am checking in to let you know that I am still keeping my pledge to stay quit. It has been a rough year so far with working two jobs and finishing up my Master's Degree. Now that tax season is over I can focus on finishing up the Grad project this week and then it will be onto getting ready for my daughter's wedding which is in 3 weeks. A lot of stress but only few thoughts of having a cigarette that quickly passed. There was one weird dream about it but sometimes I think it could be because i can smell it through my window when mom smokes. Only a dream, thank God. 


I am still struggling with taking some weight off and have just about given up the thought that I would lose some before the wedding. I have gone to weight watchers nearly every week since June and barely average a pound a month. I am turning 49 years old so it's harder to get it off. Any suggestions are welcome as long as they don't involve pills or starvation. 


I hope to get here more often when things slow down because it gives me a calming affect. When I am stressed it helps me to see where I was nearly 4 years ago and makes me feel better. I like to read the different content and see what everyone is up to. I hope all the newcomers get the needed support and do well. 


Have a great day!