Three years of freedom

Blog Post created by stmand92 on Apr 27, 2017

I opened up my Facebook account to find that 2 years ago today I had posted about staying quit for a year. Time passes fast and you don't realize how quickly the days add up. I still have my days where I THINK I want to smoke but I quickly realize that I don't. It usually happens at the time that I am working day and night; when I have no time to do anything and lm very stressed. I have found Irvin has gotten easier over time to just push the thought away. 


I will always say that I owe much of my success to this blog and the support I have gotten from it. If I even think about taking a puff I always remind myself that I would then have to tell all of you and it would shame me to do so. I need the accountability to keep me going. 


I hope ole everyone is well. Til next time.