Blog Post created by stephanie1067 on May 14, 2018

Today I have one year of freedom!!!  I am so excited to be here today. I have had some rough days but I never want to go back. The first two weeks were complete hell and I even cried my eyes out a few days but I did do it!  If I can, so can you!  I had a 30 year pack a day death habit and never thought I’d be here. I would never go back because I don’t want to go through those first two weeks. But I am here to tell you those weeks end and you become stronger each day!  The days add up and some are harder than others but it is so possible!  I have to thank the members here. I came here daily in the beginning and read and read it it got me through!  Thank you all so much!  I am grateful and blessed to be a part of this community. It was my most important tool in quitting. I am very quiet but I read everything. 


Thank so much for all the support!!