102 Days

Blog Post created by stephanie1067 on Aug 24, 2017

I have 102 days today.  I have been craving cigarettes though a lot yesterday and today.  At least the craving pass quickly and I'm on to something else.  I don't come here much and I feel bad.  I should come here more often.  I should support others as they have supported me.  One time I joined a bonfire and I must have gotten 200 notifications in my email box of all others who joined the bonfire.  So I got aggravated and stopped all the notifications to my email.  I now miss having a weekly notification from this community which would help send me to this website to read and communicate with everyone.  Maybe I'll turn the notifications back on since I'm having trouble and lately have been picturing myself buying cigarettes when that thought used to turn me off. It scares me but I do push the idea to the side.  

Sometimes when I look at the counter on my app I can not believe I have not smoked in over 3 months! I think, is that really me?  Am I really doing this?  It's so crazy!  It's possible though.  You can do it.  If I can, anyone can.  I smoked over 30 years!  So yes, that is me, I am doing this and I have to stop and be proud sometimes of this amazing accomplishment in my life.


Anyway, although I disappeared.  I still have not had one drag in 102 days!