Excited but Depressed

Blog Post created by stephanie1067 on Jun 28, 2017

Today is my 45 days and 900 cigarettes not smoked day!  While I am truly amazed that I have come this far and very thankful to all the supporters in my family and extremely excited at my progress every day, I have also become very depressed during this whole transition.


I quit smoking with the help of the patch and Wellbutrin combined per my doctor.  I am happy to say that I am completely free of the patch.  I was all the way down to 7 mg and forgot to put it on Monday and haven't put it on since.  I feel great about that little nicotine being off my back.


From the very start I got depressed.  Like really depressed.  I don't know if the Wellbutrin is the culprit or it's a side effect of quitting.  I called my doctor and he double the Wellbutrin from 150 mgs to 300 mgs each morning.  That was last week an I don't feel much better.  I am keeping to my self and my immediate family of husband and kids.  I go to work and back and those are the places I feel safe right now.  I turn down dinner invitations an stayed home on Fathers day.  I am extremely anti-social due to all this and I have no desire to talk to anyone either, like on the phone.  I will text my friends though not very often.


Just wondering if this has happened to anyone?  How long does it last if so?  With 4th of July around the corner I have decided to remain home and not go to a picnic where there will be drinking and smoking.  I just don't feel confident in my quit yet, even with 45 days.


Thanks for any advice or experience you may be able to share.