The day I Quit

Blog Post created by stephanie0506 on Mar 21, 2019

I quit smoking on March 20 hopefully for the last time. Deciding to be a nonsmoker is hard when you have smoked all of your life. The cravings are brutal! It's hard to recognize it as an accomplishment when its only been one day... it feels like you can't celebrate until you hit at least a month...people won't even take you seriously when its only been 1.5 days which just makes me want to smoke. Ok lets face it I am in those horrible early days ...everything makes me want to smoke. Determination is all I have ... I know exercise will make me feel better... I am hopeful to start running or at least walking again this weekend. The weather is on my side, the gym membership I have been paying and not using is on my side, but most of all I need to be on my side. YESTERDAY I BECAME A QUITTER!!!! #quitter #NOPE #pray4me