It's been awhile!

Blog Post created by stadtlerj on Jan 3, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I haven't been on here for quite some time, I'm thinking years probably.

Even though I haven't been on for a long time you guys are always in my thoughts.

I am happy to say I am still smoke free and even after all of this time I still can't believe it, never thought it was possible after 50 years of continuous non stop smoking.

Not sure where I would be now if I didn't find you when I did.

The advise, the support, the knowledge, the Elders, the comradery, the friendships, your belief in me were all the things that made me successful.

I think about all the wonderful advantages of not smoking like better health, saving money, no burning holes in clothes being able to focus in meetings and events without always worrying when and where I can have my next cigarette.

But the thing I treasure the most is the freedom, its worth the effort of quitting just for the freedom.

I thought I had accomplished a lot in my lifetime but quitting a lifetime of smoking is my life's crowning achievement.

Thanks again to everyone in the community and continued success to everyone on their journeys and for the newer folks just know it is so doable.

Jim Stadtler (stadtlerj)