9/24/2019 check in

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Sep 24, 2019

I find myself thinking of smoking more often. I can’t place a finger on why. It could be the time of year. I have seasonal depression and this is the week before I start using my mood light. I got through this last year so I know I can get through it again this year. 

I’m anxious about school. Anxiety is always a trigger. I am also dehydrated. I love my coffee but it is still a trigger, giving me dry mouth and depressed mood when coming down. I made a commitment to myself to drink water for the dry mouth, to do my homework when I get home, then clean up some, and go to bed. I’m sharing with you because it helps me work through my feelings and reminds me I am not along, never have to be. I don’t think I will smoke. The thoughts have not turned into cravings. However, I know I need to do my maintenance to stay smoke-free. I just checked and I passed the 400 day mark. I hope to keep racking up milestones.